Do We Need Our Lucky Stars?

Had you and I but met

Before your heart was broken

And knowledge of the human threat

Made love a long-lost token


Then doubtfulness would cease

My kindness would seem true

With no ill voice to break your peace:

“He will abandon you”.


Had you and I but met,

In better times, a different place

Where it is rare to grieve and fret

And youth is full of grace


Then everywhere we’d go

We would be dewy-eyed

For no defect will ruin a show

When world is on your side


Had you and I but met

When we had simpler strife

When we could talk and laugh, forget

The tragedy of life…


“The tragedy of life”

We’re victims of this line

‘Tis all a joke, the scene is rife

With humor most benign


A laughter and a nod

Is all this world deserves

This comedy, though most flawed

Is what we two are served.


Had you and I but met

When lucky stars align…


We don’t need fate to make a bet

So everything’s fine.

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